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Trieste Airport

Also referred to as Ronchi dei-Legionarior Friuli Venezia-Guilia, Trieste Airport is one of the most important airports not only in the Trieste region but the larger Italian speaking nation. It is located about 0.56 kilometers on the western side of Gorizia which is near Trieste in the Venezia Guilia region on the north eastern side of Italy. This is one of the airports in Italy that have developed a great deal in the recent past.  It was renamed in the year 2007 in honor of one time African humanitarian explorer.

The airport is estimated to cover a catchment area of about 5 million people. It stretches all the way from Friuli Giulia to Croatia and Slovenia. You can imagine how extensive this area is. That is why this is one of the most important airports that serve the Trieste region in the modern day. It is equipped with all the best and modern facilities. The management has designed the facilities and services to be able to conveniently handle major aircrafts from various parts of the globe.

Ever since inception, this airport has been able to grow a great deal. This growth is not just in relation to passenger numbers. There are many aspects that can be used to define the actual extent of growth in this respect. The number of airlines serving this airport has been on the increase. There are various international airlines running flight operations here today and they all reach out to various world destinations. Therefore, the increase in the number of airlines translates to an increase in the number of international destinations that would be reached by these airlines.

The product and service delivery scope has also grown greatly in the recent past. For instance, in the recent years, it has witnessed an exponential increase in cargo aircraft and low cost routes. Basically, it is growing and growing fast for that matter. Originally, the airport was just known to the locals here but today the number of international passengers passing through this airport is just overwhelming. It might also be wise to note that this airport started running commercial flight operations on December 1961.

As Trieste Airport seeks to expand its scope of service and product delivery, the management has been able to open up more doors for major international airlines to run flight operations here. There are some airlines which have even made this airport their major hub of operations in this region. Some of the major airlines that operate here include Alitalia, Adria Airways, Belle Air, Volotea, Ryanair, and Lufthansa.

These airlines mean that more destinations worldwide can be reached out to from this airport. Some of the world destinations that these airlines run flight operations to include, Samos, Kos, Naples, Catania, Rome, Olbia, Genoa, Tirana, Munich, and Palermo among many others. These destinations would increase soon as more other airlines come in to offer their services.

Ever since inception, the number of passengers passing through the airport has been on the increase. This is a true revelation that many passengers, both local and international are increasingly appreciating the services offered. The numerous tourist attractions here in Trieste again are another aspect that has drawn a greater part of the international community to this region.

The Trieste Airport management has always been dedicated to ensuring that they offer the best kinds of services to their customers. Good governance and management are the major pillars to the success of this airport to date. It does not just deal with airport services alone. They have also developed non-aviation facilities and services in this region as well.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Time Zone:
GMT +1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
45° 49’ 36" N
Longitude (DMS):
13° 28’ 20" E
Passengers (2017):
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3,000m (9,843ft)
45m (148ft)