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Trieste Airport Trains

Trieste Airport is located in the Trieste region and specifically within Venezia Giulia. The airport is located approximately 21 miles from the city of Trieste. The airport offers flight services to both locals and international passengers. It is estimated that close to one million passengers pass through this airport every year. The over 5 million inhabitants in this place have found a sense of belonging in this airport since it has brought them some desirable developments.

As the airport continues to grow greatly, the transportation industry also follows suit. There are many buses and cars that can help you to move between the airport and the city center. The road network is well laid out here and therefore movement by road should not be too much of a hassle. Even though the road network is well set up here, there is no train station that is found at the site of Trieste Airport.

If at all you need to travel by train, you would need to get a bus from the airport which will take you to the train station in the city of Trieste. Again, if you are coming to the airport, the train will drop you at the station and then you would have to pick a bus or car which will bring you to the airport site. The airport is made up of one passenger terminal building which is dedicated to serve both arrivals and departure flights.

As you just get outside the passenger terminal, you will find many cars and buses parked there, all ready to offer you the kind of service you need. The buses are managed by APT Gorizia which is basically a coach service. Bus number 51 is dedicated to ferrying passengers to the Central bus station which is just adjacent to the central railway station. These buses are available after ever 5 to 35 minutes past the top of the hour and every two hours on Sundays. The journey between the railway station and the airport takes about 55 minutes.

This coach number 51 also connects to the Monfalcone Railway Station right from the airport. This station is considerably much nearer to the airport than any other railway station within this region. It is just a meager 5 kilometers away. If you choose to go by bus or car, the journey would take just a couple of minutes. Buses that can take you to this railway station and the other main station in the city center are available at the airport at intervals of 20 to 25 minutes.