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Trieste Tourist Attractions

Trieste Airport is located in Trieste which apparently is the capital of the Venezia Giulia. This is also the largest city in this part of Italy. This airport serves about 5 million inhabitants in this place. The airport might not be that large as such but still handles about a million passengers per annum. Even though the airport is still small, it is still a preferred destination for many of the locals here and the many international passengers who have already started trickling into this place. It offers you the opportunity to easy sample the numerous tourist attractions that are available here.

If at all you know of any unique cities in Italy today, Trieste must definitely be part of that list. The city is full of life with the most breathtaking sightseeing areas and grand buildings that you would definitely not want to miss to sample. Many people who know Italy well know that Venice offers more tourist attractions but if you choose to stop at Trieste for the first time, you can be sure that you will not be disappointed at all.

Within Trieste, there are basically two districts that are mainly of great interest to the visitors who come here. These are the new town district and the medieval quarter in the olden town. If at all you need to appreciate some of the best tourist attractions here, these are definitely places that you cannot miss to come to. If you need to see many attractions here, day trips might be the best option for you. Just walk by foot and appreciate the numerous attractions that are housed here.

The numerous landmarks and monuments are definitely sights to behold in this place. The Miramare castle which is located in Viale Mirare is definitely one of the most famous places to visit here. The beautiful and magnificent castles would definitely catch your attention. This monument is surrounded by well trimmed and landscaped gardens. Such gardens are much more ideal for family getaways and picnics.

If at all you love sightseeing, the Trieste region is definitely a place that you cannot miss to come to. It is in fact one of the most visited locations in this part of the globe. The churches and other olden buildings here would definitely take you aback. It does not matter whether you are viewing these attractions from outside or sampling the insides. What you can be sure of is that you will get a lot to see here. If at all you do not want to waste your energy moving around the city, you can also take time with family and enjoy the numerous water activities that are available here. The Aquarium is the best place to visit for such kinds of recreational activities.

Just like many other cities within Italy, Trieste is well endowed with some of the best and most magnificent historical buildings. The fascinating displays that are available at museums are for sure aspects that you cannot miss to note about this place. The museums here are categorized into civic and privately owned. Therefore, you need to do your search very well before visiting any of these. The gate fees that you would have to pay depend on the type of museum and its tourist relevance. However, money should not be a hindrance for you to get to enjoy what you love best.

Apart from these tourist attractions, there are still many other awesome locations around Trieste Airport that you might also want to visit. If you need to appreciate the beaches here, Lignano is the ideal place for you to come to. There is no doubt that this is an awesome place to come to visit.